Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Film Review: Three Stars

Charles A. Smith

Three Stars, a culinary documentary by Lutz Hachmeister, focuses on ten world class chefs, revealing the inner workings of the minds and kitchens of these great cooks -- all of whom have "stars". "Three Stars" includes such notables as Jean-George Vongerichten from Jean Georges, Rene Redzepi from Noma, Sven Elverfeld from Aqua, and many others. Michelin stars in the culinary arts world are the way in which the world's finest restaurants are rated on the very highest level of gastronomic expertise. No one on the outside really knows exactly what the qualifications are to get a 3 star rating, but having them puts a restaurant in a very elite club among the global best. This documentary really gets viewers up close and personal with the thought process of some of the best chefs as they travel the world pursuing the ingredients and techniques of cooking that will make them stand apart. Some care more about the stars than others. But the bottom line is that chefs take the culinary experience very seriously, and want nothing to get in the way of pleasuring your palate. The film showcases fine cuisine from all over the world and insightful tips if you listen carefully. See how Chefs have become scientists in the kitchen, featuring new molecular cuisines, which is the new terminology for what they do.

"Three Stars" is a DVD that is chock full of pleasures and understanding along with the mysterious Michelin Guide, its standards, and the stars awarded by them. If you like food (and who doesn't), you'll definitely enjoy this watch. I highly recommend this very interesting culinary documentary!! 

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