Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Film Review: Shadow of Afghanistan: 1959-2012

Charles A. Smith

Shadow of Afghanistan is an must see for all Americans who have an opinion about the country Afghanistan or the people who inhabit it. In this documentary from Jim Burroughs and Suzanne Bauman, viewers will see an epic and little known story from the perspective of journalists who gave their lives for the truth, and independent filmmakers who covered the story from the Soviet occupation until the invasion of U.S. troops 20 years later. 

The Afghan people have had a hard hand to play as policies are forced upon them that benefit the occupier of the moment. Like most things, the truth is sometimes elusive, but Shadow of Afghanistan reveals it in a most compelling way, exposing the reality about this great country and its wonderful people. It thoroughly addresses their very strong will to survive the unwanted factions that have tried (and for the most part succeeded) to influence their lives and ways for  decades. A very independent and proud, but undereducated people, they have been strangely guided to their present situation and all they want is their lives back. Their history and way of life is beautiful and peaceful. They were neutral during the cold war, indicating their desire for peace. But they have won every war that has been waged against them, driving out the oppressor's military forces. In the process, however, the government that was left behind has been oppressive and controlling. 

The true story will leave viewers painfully aware of certain non truths that the media feeds us, and a misconception that follows to which we are blinded. Shadow of Afghanistan is a very good and informative DVD. It includes some amazing and revealing footage shot up close in very dangerous times and situations. This is one worth seeing if you want the facts without the fiction, or stated more accurately, "without the political spin." I highly recommend this DVD!!  

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