Friday, May 17, 2013

Film Review: Eye of the Future

Charles A. Smith

Eye of the Future is an intriguing story of creativity and problem resolution as seen through the eyes and imaginations of five children. The kids, who are the children of 5 UN ambassadors, are given a quest by Mother Earth to reduce the amount of the carbon in the earth;s atmosphere that's caused by mankind, thereby creating a sustainable future. Currently, the reading is 390 ppm (parts per million) and the children must bring that down to 350 ppm, which is a healthy state for the earth's air, water and land. They have until 2050 to get this done, and their young minds will stun viewers with the simplicity and ingenuity they use to solve the carbon problems for the world. Each show real solutions being done on a small scale in their respective countries, and imagine the effect on a larger scale.  Things being done across the globe to make clean, safe energy are revealed to viewers along with fantastic world panoramas.

Breathtaking cinematography with plenty of interesting facts make this a very interesting and informative DVD that's not just for children, but for all who are interested in saving the planet for the future generations who will habitat it. We must change the way we do things environmentally or the planet will not be able to support life the way it has. The children hold the audience's attention as they each guide you through their collective solution with a target of reaching this very critical goal.  Eye Of The Future, from director Catherine Cunningham, is a well produced documentary, and one that should be required viewing for all. The important messages conveyed by the film are expressed in a way that is engaging for all ages, and for that I commend the producers, because the message is loud and clear. The future belongs to those who prepare. I highly recommend this DVD!!    


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