Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Film Review: The Raw and the Cooked - A Culinary Journey Through Taiwan

Charles A. Smith

The Raw and the Cooked is a foodie's dream documentary. Taiwanese cuisine is the featured food/topic in this DVD, which is a Monika Treut film. Subtitles aside (they don't detract from the film in the least), The Raw and the Cooked is really informative. The farmers of Taiwan give viewers a wealth of information about their vegetables and fruits, including their health benefits. Then, different methods of cooking from different regions of Taiwan are demonstrated by some of the best chefs on the island. Seafood, a mainstay of the people of Taiwan, is cooked many different ways including some which are an amazing display of culinary art, as aboriginal chef Ladibasse cooks inside a tree trunk using hot rocks as the heat source. The grand finale is the shopping trip fusion chef Liu Henh-Hong takes viewers on, after which he cooks the fresh and vegetables at Jindou Restaurant in Pulin. Throughout this trip around the coast of this island country, you will be completely captivated by this well produced DVD. Great scenes of tradition, people and culture. The green movement is alive and growing across the world, and Taiwan is trying hard to keep its grounds and waters clear and clean. See how some in Taiwan are making a difference with respect to carbon wastes; it has a lot to do with awareness of what you are eating and other choices that are made. This foodie trip has something for everyone from the vegetarian to the pork lover. Well done! I highly recommend this major Foodie DVD!!

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