Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Film Review: Ethos: A Time For Change

Sydney Morris

            Ethos: A Time for Change, from Director Pete McGrain and hosted by Woody Harrelson, is an entrancing documentary that opens viewers’ eyes to the real power they possess as consumers and members of modern society. According to the documentary, we cannot change our system until we know how it works. The system controls virtually all of the everyday aspects of our lives and how we live within in. With this documentary, you learn how to function in peace and justice in a clean environment. Ethos: A Time for Change is a great way for people who may be uninformed about certain topics to learn and become more powerful and responsible decision makers, creating a way for them to fully open their eyes to the world we live in.
            The choice of quotes and people who were interviewed complemented the documentary very well; they supported the purpose of the film and added interesting insight. The facts are undeniable and provide people who watch this with several things to think about. One of the subjects covered is politics and how politicians often completely contradict themselves. McGrain makes an interesting point that we never really know what to believe when politicians do this, and tend to just go along with their ideas, which is another way they control the system and how we live.
            I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary; it was informative and gave an outlook on the world that I would not have been aware of otherwise. I enjoyed the narrative and I would recommend it to others who are curious as to how the corrupt system impacts our lives and how easy it is to change the way it works once you can understand the amount of power you hold as a consumer. This is a great documentary, one that serves as a much needed wake up call, and is well worth the watch!

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