Saturday, November 17, 2012

Film Review: Doubletime

Michele Wilson-Morris

Doubletime, from Producer/Director Stephanie Johnes, is a wonderful documentary about competitive jump roping. The energy, skill, and dedication of  the athletes as they prepare and compete is breathtaking. Astounding acrobatics with amazing precision are all done while skipping rope. Let me clarify things a little. There are two kinds of competitive jump roping. Double dutch is done with two ropes turned in an egg beater fashion with one person jump roping at a time. With many different competitive categories like speed and fusion, a musical and dance oriented type of expression is done while jumping.

This very interesting documentary not only shows and teaches you about the history of the sport, but also tells of the diversity of the teams (The Bouncing Bulldogs of Chapel Hill, NC and The Double Dutch Forces of Columbia, South Carolina) and the two leagues that compete against each other and the world. The two teams are followed as they prepare for a invitational at The Apollo Theater in New York. One team is predominantly inner city blacks (The Double Dutch Forces) and the other is suburban whites (The Bouncing Bulldogs), but both are world and national champions.and viewers get to watch them go up against each other for the first time Meet them and their coaches, see the way they coach and their insightful philosophies about the sport and the world that divides them. This DVD is not only about competitive jump roping, it is also about taking a look at race and the role it plays in American culture. Doubletime is an excellent production and every child and coach who appears in it is a big winner. These star athletes are not well known, but they are setting the foundation for a strong competitive productive activity that all children should partake in because it's fun,  competitive, and rivals any other sport or activity in intensity and physical fitness requirements. These youth have amazing strength and tenacity, and display it beautifully on this amazing DVD. Doubletime also features an excellent soundtrack from Keyshia Cole, Petey Pablo, MIA, Pete Miser, and The Caesars. Highly recommended!

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