Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Film Review: Fixation

Charles A. Smith

Fixation is an adorable film by Alex Trudeau Viriato about bike riding of a certain kind. Fixed gear and track bikes are unique in the way they are made and the way one rides them. First of all, these bikes don't have gears or brakes. So, not only does the rider determine how fast or slow the ride is, but leg strength is required for braking. The bike also never stop pedaling, and there is no coasting. Put simply, the rider and the bike become one.

Viriato's Fixation is a behind the scenes look of the love of this style of bike, its riders, and their love for the design. Many of the young people one sees doing bike tricks are using fixed bikes, sparking an entire movement that is centered around it. And it's not necessarily the style of the bike that's new, so much as it is the differences in attitude and concepts about being on the edge, and setting new standards. Filmed in the west coast, mainly San Francisco and L.A., viewers get more than just a peek at riders doing what they do on every level from bike clubs to racing. There are also some very beautiful shots of those areas.

Fixation is a fun and lively documentary, and Viriato has no doubt pleased bike enthusiasts with this great film.

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