Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Film Review: Secret Things

Michele Wilson-Morris

Secret Things, is a Jean-Claude Brisseau film starring Sabrina Seyvecou and Coralie Revel. It is a very seductive tale about power, sex, deception, manipulation, and the roles they play in the workplace. The film is presented in a very exciting format that stimulates the senses and intrigues the mind. These two actresses play their roles to perfection as the story unfolds with brilliant direction, and it's as if the viewer is right there in the room with them. That's just how much Secret Things draws you in.The acting is very good, the plot is thick, and the ending is a big surprise, which is quite nice in today's world of movies where you can guess the ending about 20 minutes in.

Seyvecou and Revel act as teacher and student as they weave their way through problems, coming up with a fail proof plan. But everything is not what it seems in this excellent production. This is a thoroughly entertaining piece of work that shows the way things often work when climbing up the ladder of success, using the art of seduction. Outclassing their prey by far. they are relentless in their pursuits, but soon find an unexpected challenge in the son of the bank executive for whom they work. He takes their seduction to whole new level, resulting in wonderfully tense and suspenseful moments. This is cinema at its best, and I highly recommend the watch.

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