Saturday, November 17, 2012

Film Review: The Callers

Charles A. Smith

The art of auctioneering has been brought to DVD via Susan Sfarra's documentary The Callers, and it is interesting to find out there is another way to find treasures and great values at auctions, something most of us don't really think about. Those of you who do yard sales, and go to garage sales and flea markets  might have never considered going to a auction, but you might want to rethink your position.

Everything is auctioned from livestock to buildings and there is serious money to be saved and made. People have made this a business, but the major player here is actually the auctioneer, who is a work of art in human form. In The Callers, you will find out how they become auctioneers and what it takes to become one. It is fascinating to see the amount of things and ways people call upon these craftsmen and women to help them sell -- things they no longer want or need. Said to be the fairest method of doing trade, the auction game is big business. Some of the things people get rid of at auctions are really of great value. These days, some things just aren't made like they use to be, so antiques are worthy of purchase because of the craftsmanship that has gone into them. And the Auctioneer really serves a very useful purpose organizing the auction and all the items to be sold, doing it all in a profession and fast paced way. This documentary made me think about checking for auctions in my area for some of the things I need and just to see what I might find. Great DVD. Happy hunting!!

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