Thursday, April 19, 2012

CD Review: Romance Language (Kirk Whalum)

Paul Anderson

Kirk Whalum's latest CD, "Romance Language" is significant for jazz. It brings jazz to music lovers who may never have heard John Coltrane, and Johnny Hartman's 1963 recording. Kirk is to Trane as his brother Kevin is to Hartman on this project. Kevin represents a new generation of vocalists who are finding fresh directions in jazz. Kirk's entire band brings ideas and arrangements that are clever, and effective. And yes, I really like the Eleanor Rigby quote on "Autumn Serenade!"

"Almost Doesn't Count", features Peanuts on vocals, Kirk's uncle of 83 years young, and he nails it! Jazz purists, I urge you to take a listen and be prepared to smile, because there is no gimmickry here -- just sincere performances and great artistry. This gentleman belongs right at the top where he is, and once again, bravo Mr. Whalum.

Note: Be sure to listen to the exclusive interview with Kirk Whalum, about "Romance Language" and much more on the Entertainment Bank. Coming soon!

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