Thursday, April 19, 2012

CD Review: Soulmine (Frank Gambale)

Paul Anderson

Grammy winning guitarist Frank Gambale delivers an outstanding new recording in "Soulmine" that reflects a career of innovative playing. To illustrate the point, there's even a Frank Gambale Signature Guitar -- the FG1 made by Carvin Frank, which is the best of the best.The arrangements on "Soulmine" feature Gambale's beautiful wife Boca, and an amazingly talented vocalist whose voice is soothing, seductive, and made for jazz. While her presence, and artistry of expression clearly set the tone on the first tune, "Love Set Me Free," there's something for on the album for all listeners.

Boca's vocal style is engaging and there is a passion that clearly comes through in her performances. Jazz fans who miss the days of the  fresh, creative, and authentic music of  Jazz-Rock and Fusion will appreciate uncompromising harmonies and influences ranging from Latin to Pop, and I'm smiling because I've missed Return to Forever, and  Brand X. A big thank you to Frank Gambale for not forgetting to how to bring it! This album is sure to garner another Grammy nomination, and is a must have for any serious jazz collector and music lovers who enjoy good music in general. If you want to find out what's been missing on your smooth jazz station, "Soulmine" is your answer.

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