Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Music DVD: Beatles Stories (Seth Swirsky)

Charles A. Smith
The Beatles, who hail from Liverpool, England, are one of the most famous musical groups of all time. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and John Lennon made history with their music, and created a frenzy wherever they went. This prolific and spectacular DVD, from director Seth Swirsky, is a rich documentary that tells many stories about them, ushering in a new generation of fans.
(/br> Many well known icons from the 60's are present on "Beatles Stories", including Henry Winkler and Graham Nash who many years after their zenith, are still looking great! Stars from British Rock & Roll who were  very big at the time (or were soon to be) enlighten viewers with their stories about what happened back stage in the early years, such as how the individual members of the Beatles acted and thought when the cameras were not rolling. Stars like model Nancy Andrews (Ringo's former girlfriend) and singer Hurricane Smith, who was a songwriter/engineer for the Beatles, Jon Voight, and Smokey Robinson all have interesting and unheard takes on the world renowned group. Brian Williams from the Beach Boys, and Peter Noone of Herman and the Hermits are also featured, as are many others who convey intimate tales about different members of the group or the story about the Era in which the group was formed. I was completely captivated hearing these stories about the greatest group of all time, and all music lovers -- especially fans of The Beatles, will be too. This is a group that changed the world, and "Beatles Stories" gives you a inside look at just who they really were. It's a great and refreshing revelation.Bonus tracks are included. This is a real example of great investigative reporting on a topic that will never get old. I highly recommend this DVD.

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