Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Music DVD: Hiromi: Live In Marciac (Hiromi, Anthony Jackson, and Simon Phillips)

Charles A. Smith

The performance DVD "Hiromi: Live In Marciac" is a collaboration between jazz composer and pianist Hiromi Uehara, bassist Anthony Jackson, and drummer Simon Phillips. Hiromi, who has graced the stage with jazz greats like Stanley Clark and Chick Corea, was born in Hamamatsu, Japan, and is one of the most prominent pianists to appear on the music scene in the last decade. She is well known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances, and blend of musical genres. Master contrabass player Anthony Jackson has played with Paul Simon, The O' Jays, Steely Dan, and Chick Corea, among others. Master drummer Simon Phillips has performed with Toto, The Who, Judas Priest, David Gilmour, and Jack Bruce. No lightweights here.
Hiromi has stunned the world with her innovative compositions and style of play. I knew from the moment the DVD began to play that she was full of passion and brilliance, and that I was in for a treat. I was not incorrect in that assumption. It was a very unique musical and visual experience. As I watched the expressions of the trio's faces and listened to their music, I could clearly see their passion and synergy. It was almost as good as being there.
Recorded July 31, 2011 in Marciac, France, "Hiromi: Live In Marciac" is a tremendously riveting production. France is smoking hot as Hiromi, Jackson, and Phillips form the kind of connection that Bill Evans was well known for long ago. Drummer Simon Phillips holds it all together when his counterparts get twisted up in musical love, and the trio is simply resplendent, as they move from one form of jazz to another with ease and intensity. Hiromi is almost unbelievably amazing. She leads this trio with precision and a confident command of the stage and her instrument. At times, she plays with a powerful demonstration of prowess, and at others, with a delicate stroke. But she always plays flawlessly. This is the kind of performance that requires one to reach deep down within themselves and access feelings and emotions that are then thoroughly conveyed to the audience. This is Jazz and Jazz fusion at its highest level.  I highly recommend this DVD. I most certainly enjoyed it.
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