Monday, July 9, 2012

Film Review: Fidel

Charles A. Smith

Fidel Castro is known by many things to many people. To some he is a leader, and to others a dictator. Do Americans really know that truth about the man who reigned over a small island just 90 miles from U.S. shores? What he has really done for the his country, the people of Cuba, and the world? "Fidel," from filmmaker Estela Bravo exposes the Miami lobby against Cuba that keeps Fidel and his country from prospering because of the U.S. embargo that has gone on ever since his revolution. The U.S. has made peace with all of the countries that we once opposed in war. We have forgiven the Japanese, Koreans, Germans, Vietnamese, and we do business with communist China and the Soviet Union. So why does our powerful nation continue to hold the island of Cuba at bay? The truth is on this DVD and it is a must see film about a great world leader.

Loved by his people even now, Castro has kept his revolution alive and his country independent, not allowing it to be exploited by the interests of American big businesses. With live footage of Che Guevera, the young Fidel Castro, and renowned reporter Edward R. Murrow, you will be moved by the truth about this great man. Castro did things far ahead of his time like trying to form a union between the countries throughout Latin American in 1959. He sent troops to Angola when South Africa violated their borders, helping to defeat the South African Army and setting the stage for the end of Apartheid. 

A charismatic personality and strong speaker, Fidel was easy to love and was warmly received in America, especially in Harlem. However, Nixon wrote in his report that he was a communist and needed to be overthrown. Since that time, the CIA has made numerous assassination attempts on his life and failed. But the true story about who Castro really is and how the American government has used wrongful and hateful policies and tactics to mislead its citizens about him and terrorize millions of Cuban people and their leader is now being told. This fascinating documentary reveals Castro's true identity and the propaganda that we have been told and believe. This is a must see documentary for anyone who really wants to know the truth.

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