Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CD Review: Natural Selection (Soundtrack)

Paul Anderson

I first heard the music of the composer iZLER on the new ABC series "Revenge." For the movie Natural Selection, he paints a scene, punctuates the important parts of the show, and brings out the romance. The warm tones of finger style guitar, piano, and beautiful harmonies found in "Domestic Bliss" (track 2) reveal what you'll find throughout the music score -- music that reflects sensual and seductive scenes with jazzy grooves and even a Tango. The use of the Hammond B3 organ is beautiful and haunting with subtle dynamics that remind me of the style of Larry Goldings. You'll find wonderful understatement and beauty in iZLER's compositions for Natural Selection. And my favorite melody in "Domestic Bliss" is reprised in the last song "Diner" and swipes out with an interesting reverse piano sound. iZLER crafts a scene with charming melodic ideas and clever use of jazzy rhythms, which always leave me wanting more. Well done. 

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